Heatherwood Hospital Radio Service

Hospital radio has been established at over 400 hospitals in the UK since the 1920's. It was established to provide entertainment for patients. The hospital radio services around the UK are providing a mixture of music request programs and sporting commentaries from local football grounds, also outside broadcasts from local venue's and events are being brought to the bedside of every patient.

Most of the hospital radio services are mainly volunteers.

Over 90 years of service to the NHS it has proven to aid recovery for patients and has been used to raise much needed funds for hospitals.

Radio Heatherwood

The hospital radio service stopped broadcasting in December 2016, after forty years of funding by the League of friends,Frimley Health Trust have not renewed the lease for the league's radio station premises,therefore providing us with no choice but to close the hospital radio.

The League of friends will continue it's financial support for the wards and departments.

Radio Heatherwood ceased broadcasting on 3rd December 2016 at 10AM

1976 till 2016
40 Years of Service To The Patients and Staff of Heatherwood Hospital


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